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Enhancing Prospects for Environmental Leadership: Challenges for Rio + 10

Enhancing Prospects for Environmental Leadership: Challenges for Rio + 10

Februar 2000
15 February 2000

This workshop organised by Ecologic offered expert policy-makers and researchers from both sides of the Atlantic a forum for discussing the current state of international environmental policy and transatlantic cooperation.

The main focus of the workshop was the development of a joint transatlantic environmental agenda. For this purpose six areas of international environmental policy were identified:

1. International environmental management and transatlantic cooperation,
2. Environment and trade,
3. Environment and finance,
4. Environment, agriculture, biotechnology and food security,
5. Environmental and energy policy,
6. Environmental, foreign and security policy.

The individual working groups focussed on the most urgent issues, strategies for overcoming existing deficits and possible measures for improving transatlantic cooperation. The workshop results are documented in a policy guide and workshop summary report that is available to policy makers and interested citizens. This publication also serves to contribute to the preparations for the Rio+10 conference that took place in 2002.

Alexander Carius
Matthias Buck
Dr. Stefanie Pfahl
Keya Choudhury
Februar 2000
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International, environmental, management, transatlantic cooperation, environment, trade, finance, agriculture, biotechnology, food security, energy policy, foreign, security, policy, Global