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Transatlantic Environmental Relations – Background Briefing for Participants

Transatlantic Environmental Relations – Background Briefing for Participants

Strategic Workshop

This background paper informs the participants of the Strategic Workshop about the three central topics energy security, values and transatlantic communication. It provides information on the background, suggests topics for discussion and recommends further literature on the topic. On 15 December 2005 Ecologic Institute, with support from the Robert Bosch Foundation, organized this workshop in Berlin to identify and raise awareness about those environmental policy issues. The paper  [pdf, 500 KB, English] is available for download.


Campbell, David; Aaron Best und Markus Knigge 2005: Strategic Workshop: Transatlantic Environmental Relations – Background Briefing for Participants. Ecologic Institute, Berlin.

10 pp.
Table of Contents

1 Preface

2 Background

3 Suggested Topics for Discussion

3.1 Energy Security
3.2 Renewable Energy
3.3 Food Security
3.4 Water
3.5 Wellbeing of the Oceans
3.6 Regulatory Policies, Standards and Technology
3.7 Greening Industry
3.8 Corporate Social Responsibility
3.9 Trade in Sustainable Produced Goods
3.10 Subnational Partnerships
3.11 Intellectual Property Rights
3.12 Other Transatlantic Topics
3.12.1 Democracy Promotion
3.12.2 Immigration
3.12.3 Economic Competitiveness

4 Selected Readings on Transatlantic Environmental Relations

energy security, foreign policy, renewable energy, religion, values, spirituality, communication, targets, transatlantic exchange,