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Ecologic Institute launches Washington DC office

On 20-27 April 2009, the Ecologic Institute launches its newly established Washington DC office with a series of events focused on transatlantic environmental policies. Over the course of this week, Ecologic will partner with established civil society and educational institutions to address a range of timely issues, from new challenges for Arctic governance over comparative approaches to green recovery to transatlantic experiences with the promotion of renewable energy sources.

Wilton Park British German Forum 2005 - Britain and Germany and the USA: Friends Reunited?

In light of the Iraq war, divergent climate change policies, trade negotiations and the fight against international terrorism, the transatlantic relationship between the European Union, its respective member states, and the USA have been put to the test in recent years. On 11-15 July 2005, the "Britain and Germany and the USA: Friends Reunited?" question was discussed at the 20th Wilton Park British German Forum (BGF). Dr. Camilla Bausch, Senior Fellow at Ecologic and member of the Ecologic Legal Team, was nominated by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to take part in this year’s BGF.


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