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Indicator-based Environmental Reporting

January 2011 to June 2011

Indicators are becoming ever more relevant for environmental reporting, both at the national and at the international level. This project developed recommendations for the focussed and concise communication of environmental information using key indicators and highly aggregated indices. A summary report is now available for download.

In Germany, both the environment barometer and theRead more

Qualitätsanforderungen an Umweltinformationen

Herleitung, Definition und Anwendung auf die Berichterstattung zur Umweltbelastung von Konsum und Produktion
Although there are many information and data on the environmental and climate impact of consumption and production, it is difficult to evaluate their role and their connections in the overall picture. In this study, different quality requirements for environmental information are defined and compared by using the concept of the "True and Fair View."

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Evaluation of the WHO Approach to Estimate the Environmental Burden of Disease

January 2011 to February 2014

The Environmental Burden of Disease is part of the Global Burden of Disease methodology originally developed by the WHO and others. To use EBD estimates in Germany for environmental and health policy prioritisation, it is important to review them and to develop recommendations for adjustments that better reflect the German context. This project will conduct this review and aims to derive specific proposals for adjustments.

The EBD estimates the disease and mortality burden in a population that is attributable to a set of environmental risk factors. ToRead more


Environmental Pressure Index

December 2010 to August 2011

The Ecologic Institute supports DG Environment  in assessing and assembling data sources for the composite environmental pressure index which will serve as an overall indicator for human pressures on the environment.

The Environmental Pressure index is a composite index aggregating over 40 different Indicators of environmental pressures. Based on work already conducted by the European Commission, the ecologic institute has been asked to identify robust data sources for 16 of those indicators. The work of the Ecologic Institute does focus on the areas ofRead more

Pre-modelling Analysis of the Footprint Family of Indicators in EU and International Policy Contexts

Doris Knoblauch and Alexander Neubauer of Ecologic Institute analyse which EU and international policies can be informed by the three Footprint Indicators (Ecological, Carbon, and Water Footprints). Furthermore, the report uses the RACER and SWOT analysis to evaluate the indicators’ robustness, their usefulness for assessing progress towards the policy objectives and the possibilities for their integration into policy making.Read more


Ein Forschungsbeitrag zur innovativen ländlichen Entwicklung in der EU
Rural development policies and the promotion of innovation represent the basis for the successful development of rural areas. In this context the assessment of innovative initiatives and projects alongside the analysis of the status quo and obstacles to innovations are crucial. In this article Sandra Naumann (Ecologic) und Andreas Frangenberg (FNL), propose a set of indicators to qualitatively evaluate the sustainability and the success of innovation projects. In addition, this publication presents the results of a comprehensive review on innovations in rural regions.Read more

Environmental Sustainability Thresholds and Indicators

December 2009 to August 2010

Knowing the limits of the planet’s ability to provide resources and absorb pollutants is directly linked to debates on the limits to growth. Together with their partners from SERI, Ecologic Institute analysed environmental thresholds and associated indicators for monitoring unsustainable trends caused by human activity that could lead to the crossing of environmental thresholds in Europe. The areas covered are freshwater quality and quantity, soil erosion, and nonrenewable resource consumption. The study and summaries are available for download.

The goal ofRead more

Sustainable Development in the European Union – 2009

2009 Monitoring Report of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy
What is the state of sustainable development in the European Union? The 2009 Eurostat monitoring report reviews the progress and implementation of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy. The 2009 monitoring report was published on the Eurostat website.

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