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Global Environmental Impacts of Large-Scale Bioenergy Production

February 2007 to May 2007

In this literature review Ecologic analyses more than 25 recent and relevant scientific studies with regard to the potential (positive as well as negative) environmental impacts of large-scale biomass production for bioenergy.

The study provides an overview of the most important and frequently named environmental pressures and impacts due to large-scale bioenergy production found in literature.  It relates environmental pressures along bioenergy processing chains (land use change, production/ cultivation of bioenergy crops, harvesting of bioenergy crops, building the necessaryRead more

Potential of the Ecological Footprint for Monitoring Environmental Impact from Natural Resource Use

December 2006 to May 2008

Ecologic led a comprehensive review of possible resource-specific indicators that might be used to monitor the decoupling of resource use from negative environmental impacts. The study focused particularly on the Ecological Footprint indicator and also developed a small set of indicators that together could assess progress toward decoupling. The study employed several evaluation methodologies, including RACER analysis, SWOT analysis and expert survey techniques.

The study found that the Ecological Footprint is a useful indicator for assessing progress on the EU’s ResourceRead more

Links Between the Social and Environmental Pillars of Sustainable Development

December 2006 to April 2008

In the development of policy within the framework of sustainable development, economic, environmental and social considerations have to be taken into account. While the links between social and economic policies and between environmental and economic policies have been widely explored, little research has been done so far on the social-environmental interface. As part of an international consortium, Ecologic is doing pilot research to help improve the understanding of interactions between social policies and environmental policies, and to make use of synergies and avoid conflicts betweenRead more

Agri-Environmental Analysis

August 2006 to August 2010
The European Environment Agency (EEA) provides decision-makers with information needed to make sound and effective decisions in the policy making process with the aim to protect the environment and support sustainable development. Within a framework contract, Ecologic supports the EEA in this task by undertaking an agri-environmental analysis relating to agri-environment indicators, farm management, bio-energy production, the spatial distribution of CAP subsidies and dissemination of EEA results. Read more

Rechtliche Ausgestaltung von Nutzungsentgelten für globale Umweltgüter

International airspace and the high seas are global environmental goods with traditionally unrestricted access. The ensuing environmental impact can be addressed through user charges for air- and sea-traffic. This book assessed the legal conditions for the application of such charges in international, European Community and domestic law.

Read more

Transport Subsidies in Europe

June 2006 to November 2006
Transport subsidies are a significant piece of the policy framework that influences public and private decisions about transport. This study gathered financial data about all types of European transport subsidies and provided estimates of these subsidies' annual values. As project lead, Ecologic was responsible for the study design, data presentation and final report. Read more

Leben ist Bewegung

In the future, increases in motorization and traffic capacity will no longer be synonymous with mobility. In particular, inhabitants in rural areas need to consider that short distance public transportation (ÖPNV) will be strongly reduced. The state now anticipates the problem of guaranteeing the public’s general interest in the principle of equal living conditions.

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Urban Environment and Environmental Technologies

January 2006 to May 2006
For the preparations of the informal Council of Environmental Ministers under the Austrian EU presidency, Ecologic contributed to a discussion paper on the urban environment and environmental technologies. The paper discusses in particular the Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment of the European Commmission and the potential for the use of environmental technologies in cities.Read more

Subsidies, Taxes and Charges in European Transport

August 2005 to December 2005
The huge variety of subsidies, taxes and charges in the transport sector make it very difficult to assess whether all modes of transport are indeed priced according to the external effects they impose on others. In order to ensure fair competition and a level playing field for different modes of transport, transport prices need to reflect the true costs of transport. To better understand this issue, the EEA has commissioned Ecologic and the Chair for Transport Ecology at the TU Dresden to provide an overview of subsidies, taxes and charges in the European transport sector. Read more

User charges in the field of air traffic

30 May 2005

During a workshop conducted by Ecologic Institute and the German Federal Environmental Agency on the matter of user charges on global environmental goods Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf gave two speeches on the legal parameters of the introduction of a levy on air plane tickets as well as on emissions. Participants of the workshop were representatives of the German Government, of the EU-Commission as well as representatives of academia, industry and NGOs.Read more


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