REFRESH Consumer Survey on the Different Types of Guidance Found on Food and Drink Products

The survey will be online from 11 to 31 July 2017


For a period of three weeks in July 2017, the REFRESH project invites responses to a consumer survey.  The aim is to look at different formats of guidance found on food and drink product, and the effects that they have on consumer behaviour. The survey on food and drink products takes only ten minutes.The survey is focused on the four REFRESH pilot countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Hungary.

The purpose of the survey is to investigate different contents and formats of on-pack information and their effect on consumer understanding and food waste behaviours in these four EU member states.

food waste, waste management, sustainable food systems, food policy, resource efficiency
Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Hungary
Policy analysis, pilot projects, public-private partnerships, stakeholder engagement, knowledge transfer,

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