What is the Role of Society, Politics and Science in Urban Nature Conservation and in the Implementation of Nature-based Solutions?


In our age, scientific knowledge is increasing rapidly – while biodiversity is simultaneously decreasing rapidly. Both practitioners and scientists agree that better applicable knowledge and the steps based on this knowledge that can be implemented in real life are essential for sustainable nature development in cities. Sandra Naumann's presentation highlighted this interface and focused on the use of nature-based solutions in urban nature conservation.

Specifically, the lecture dealt with the concept of urban nature and how nature-based solutions can look like in this context, illustrated by examples from Berlin and other German cities. The current role of society, policy and science in urban biodiversity conservation was also considered and discussed how the interaction of these actors can be strengthened, including, for example,

  • Policy: Providing an adequate institutional and financial framework, setting binding targets, enabling exchange between municipalities and active citizen participation, supporting new cooperation models, providing guidelines for cities, citizens and investors
  • Society: Using the right of co-determination, initiating projects/pioneering work/testing new approaches and models, participation in science projects, using green spaces responsibly and sustainably, society as a motor for sustainable transformation
  • Science: Filling knowledge gaps, research to support policy processes  and decision-making, citizen-oriented research, development of measures and approaches for urban greening

The local implementing authorities must also be involved, so that planning, research, implementation and management go hand in hand.

The presentation marked the beginning of the BIBS Dialogue series of lectures designed to foster the creative exchange of experiences, insights and suggestions in a wide variety of areas of practice and science. The presentation is available for download.


Urban nature can benefit from nature-based solutions. However, this requires close cooperation between politics, practitioners, science and society.

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