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Resilient European Cities: Nature-based Solutions for Clean Water

This report examines how European cities can turn to nature-based solutions (NbS) to protect the water resources on which they depend, contributing to improving environmental quality in upstream watersheds. Ecologic Institute supported the preparation of this report, in particular by identifying European cities relevant for analysis and supporting the development of the methodology to assess the effectiveness and costs of NbS-WS implementation. The report is available for download.Read more

Culture and Climate Resilience: Perspectives from Europe

There is a growing impetus among policy makers and practitioners to support and empower capacities of communities under changing climatic conditions. Despite this there is little systematic understanding of why approaches work at local levels or not and what makes some communities resilient and others less so. Authors addressing this shortcoming by providing illustrative case studies and assessment tools from Europe’s North, East and South helping to bridge the gap between climate change policies, decision-making and the cultural traits of communities in Europe.Read more

Pond Ecosystems for Resilient Future Landscapes in a Changing Climate (PONDERFUL)

December 2020 to November 2024
The H2020 EU-funded PONDERFUL project will investigate how ponds can be used as nature-based solutions (NBS) for climate change. It will evaluate the interaction and feedback between biodiversity, ecosystem services and climate in pondscapes.Read more

Keynotes by Bruyninckx, Töpfer, Bausch: An inspiring kick-off to our Think2030 Conference

The Think2030 Conference got off to an inspiring start with keynotes by Dr. Camilla Bausch of Ecologic Institute, Prof. Hans Bruyninckx, President of the EEA and Prof. Klaus Töpfer, founder of TMG and former Executive Director of UNEP. Their speeches marked the opening of the 2-day conference on "Harnessing the European Green Deal to address the Climate Crisis". The conference marked the occasion of Ecologic Institute's 25th anniversary.Read more

Good Practices from Germany as an Inspiration for Polish Local-governments: Presentation of innovative nature-based solutions from Berlin

27 October 2020
Ecologic Institute's Ewa Iwaszuk discussed a number of innovative pilot projects, introduced in Berlin in the last 20 years, during the conference "Blue and Green Infrastructure for Urban Climate Change Mitigation" held online in Polish language on 27 October 2020. Her presentation discussed the sites' contribution to climate mitigation and adaptation and the key success factors behind Berlin's efforts to combat climate change in the city using nature-based solutions. The presentation slides and the event recording are available online.Read more

Guía para la integración de las Soluciones Basadas en la Naturaleza en la planifcación urbana

primera aproximación para colombia
Nature-based solutions (NBS) are emerging as a tool to integrate nature into territorial planning, with great opportunities to address these threats and benefit humans and ecosystems in parallel. The guide for integrating nature-based solutions in urban planning, a first approach for Colombia has been developed to facilitate the inclusion of nature in urban planning through a seven-step process. The guide was written by Carolina Figueroa during her time at Ecologic Institute as an Alexander von Humboldt International Climate Protection Fellow. The guide is available for download.Read more

Addressing climate change in cities: order your free copy of the publications

The two publications Catalogue of urban nature-based solutions and Policy instruments to promote urban nature-based solutions form the "Addressing Climate Change in Cities" series. Designed to support planners, designers, landscape architects as well as policymakers, city officials and local activists these two books offer a comprehensive introduction to the world of urban nature-based solutions (NBS). It is now possible to order a free hard copy of each of the publications for your institutional or personal library via an order form.

Addressing Climate Change in Cities – Policy Instruments to Promote Urban Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based solutions (NBS) are solutions that are inspired and supported by nature. They can be used in urban settings to complement or replace "traditional" or "grey" solutions to social and environmental challenges, such as air pollution, the heat island effect, water scarcity, flooding, loss of nature and lack of social cohesion. This guidance document highlights a range of policy and supporting instruments relevant for NBS design, implementation and maintenance.Read more

Climate Change and Bioeconomy – Adaptation potential

October 2020 to February 2021
This project assesses a selection of climate-change adaptation measures for the agriculture sector and gathers quantitative evidence on their potential to compensate for climate-change induced productivity losses. The results feed into the parent project "Climate change and bioeconomy – Sustainability gap analysis for the agricultural sector".Read more

Drought and Water Use Conflicts in Germany

October 2020 to September 2023
The project investigates the effects of drought and aridity on the amount of water available in Germany. Water scarcity and the associated conflicts of use are increasing in many places, but not only because of climate change. The project provides an overview of the current availability of water in Germany and forecasts emerging conflicts of use and solution strategies.Read more


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