Unterm Strich. Erbschaften und Erblasten für das Deutschland von morgen.

Eine Generationenbilanz


Hauff, Volker and Günther Bachmann (eds.) 2006: Unterm Strich. Erbschaften und Erblasten für das Deutschland von morgen. Eine Generationenbilanz]. Munich: oekom Verlag.

Germany is facing great societal changes. In many regions, Germany's population is shrinking, and work forces are decreasing. Demographic change is challenging Germany, leading to economic and social shifts and creating new social divisions in many regions and cities. While a growing population has long been understood as a threat to the environment, it is now clear that a shrinking population does not automatically improve the environmental situation. "The Bottom Line", edited by Volker Hauff and Günther Bachmann, with contributions from Ecologic and the Berlin-Institute, examines the assets and debts of Germany's future inheritance.

Across a variety of public policy issues, from public transport to waste water treatment, ecological benefits as well as their financing are being questioned. However, the situation also provides opportunities. By raising the stakes around key societal issues, the demographic shift means there is a growing public interest in finding effective solutions to old problems Political and social shortcomings are now clearer and the need to solve them more urgent. This is yielding new support for policy measures such as easing the financial burdens of families, restricting settlement boundaries, fostering early childhood education, and actively steering immigration. As an intergenerational appraisal, "The Bottom Line" distinguishes future options from future burdens and sheds new light on the chances, problems and challenges raised by settlement patterns, labor markets, education, immigration, nature conservation, energy use and transportation.

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Daniel Blobel
Dr. Rainer Müssner
Dr. Reiner Klingholz (Berlin Institute for Population and Development)
Christian Kutzner (Berlin Institute for Population and Development)
Ronald Smutny (Berlin Institute for Population and Development)
Dr. Andreas Weber (Berlin Institute for Population and Development)
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generational accounting, generation germany, sustainability, sustainable development, demographic change, demography, mobiltity, energy, urban areas, nature conservation, transport

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