Strengthening Supply Chain Resilience: Identifying climate risks and taking adaptation measures

13 September 2022 | 12:20-13:30 pm

This online workshop will provide an overview of climate risks for the global German economy and show how companies can deal with these risks. Concrete tools for the identification and assessment of corporate climate risks and adaptation measures will be presented. The event is aimed at representatives of companies, business associations and networks, research institutions and non-governmental organizations. Please register for the event.

The effects of climate change, such as floods, droughts, rising temperatures and water scarcity, have far-reaching consequences for business, industry and infrastructure. German companies are also increasingly exposed to climate risks, both through climate risks in Germany and through the international extraction of raw materials and interconnected value and supply chains. The numerous supply disruptions following extreme weather events demonstrate the high vulnerability of the international trading system, e.g. Hurricane Sandy in 2012 in the USA or the floods in Germany in 2021. In addition to reducing greenhouse gases, it is therefore important for companies to identify their own climate risks and increase their resilience to supply chain disruptions.

Online workshop on climate risks for the global German economy

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