Datenfelder zur strukturierten Erfassung der Standorte im Atlas Fischschutz & Fischabstieg


Ecologic Institute 2022: Datenfelder zur strukturierten Erfassung der Standorte im Atlas Fischschutz & Fischabstieg. Infographic published in: Keuneke, Rita; Edith Massmann and Stephan Naumann 2022: Fischschutz- und Fischabstiegsmaßnahmen – Praxisbeispiele im Überblick. Atlas für den Wissenstransfer zu Fischschutz und Fischabstieg. Ingenieurbüro Floecksmühle GmbH, Umweltbundesamt: Aachen, Dessau-Roßlau.

The illustration provides an overview of the information structure of the Atlas sites. The sites with fish protection and downstream migration facilities are recorded in the atlas in a structured way and classified. This makes it possible to filter and sort the entries and sorting of the entries adapted to the questions of the users. It is part of a fact sheet on fish protection and downstream fish migration measures.

The infographic is published under a creative commons license CC BY 4.0. That means it can be copied and redistributed in any medium or format and for any purpose as long as appropriate credit to the authors (Ecologic Institute, Ingenieurbüro Floecksmühle) is given.

Information structure of sites in the atlas

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Media format: coloured infographic for a digital fact sheet
Copyright: CC BY 4.0
Content: Rita Keuneke, Edith Massmann (Ingenieurbüro Floecksmühle GmbH, Aachen), Stephan Naumann (German Environment Agency)
Graphic design: Jennifer Rahn

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Fact Sheet 06: Fischschutz- und Fischabstiegsmaßnahmen – Praxisbeispiele im Überblick
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Water Framework Directive, WFD, river, nature conservation, biodiversity, energy, hydropower, fish, migration, watercourse, connectivity, restoration, hydromorphology, protection
Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
infographic, visualization, illustration, creative commons, fact sheet

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