KOPOS- Sustainability and Transformation Criteria Set for Sustainability Initiatives in the Agri-food Sector



Sebastian Rogga, Stephanie Wunder, Bernd Pölling, Andreas Obersteg, Annette Piorr (2024). KOPOS- Sustainability and transformation criteria set for sustainability initiatives in the agri-food sector, Dataset, BonaRes Repository.

The sustainability and transformation effects of sustainability initiatives can be summarized using this set of criteria and provides a range of possible indicators for recording them. The set of criteria is specifically tailored to sustainability initiatives in the food sector. The criteria were derived from the UN Sustainability Goals and adapted for the topic of food systems. In addition to the conventional three levels of sustainability (economic, ecological and social), the criteria set also offers selected transformation criteria, i.e. they can be used to record the "transformative potential" that a sustainability initiative can develop.

The criteria set was developed in the KOPOS project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Its project goal is to establish regional supply structures in order to increasingly reconnect urban and rural areas and to practice environmentally friendly management.

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Stephanie Wunder
Sebastian Rogga (ZALF)
Bernd Pölling (ZALF)
Andreas Obersteg (ZALF)
Annette Piorr (ZALF)
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BONARES Respository
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agricultural land use, carbon sink, biodiversity improvement, water-saving irrigation practices, emission reduction in agriculture, renewable energy sources, sustainability goals of the German government, land conservation and sealing, agroforestry, food system transformation, agrifood sector, sustainability, initiatives, sustainability assessment, impact assessment, indicators, inspire identified, habitats and biotopes
data set, open data, criteria

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