Environmental Technologies, Training and Awareness-Raising (ETTAR)

Research Program

Transportation, one of the backbones of today’s economy, is a service that significantly impacts the environment. The volume of transport, transport modes and technology used by transport vehicles determine the level of emissions into air (CO2, SO2, NOx, noise, etc.) and consumption of resources (energy, raw materials, land). At the same time, stakeholder consultations indicate that environmental technologies are not sufficiently used in this sector, partially due to a lack of knowledge and clear information.

The project identifed the current status of and obstacles to a greater deployment of environmentally friendly technologies in freight transport. It focused:

  • on the promotion of best practices in the use of modern freight vehicles, fuels, logistics IT, targeted training etc;
  • on awareness raising of corporate responsibility for the environmental impact and other external costs of transportation;
  • on capacity building to mitigate environmental impact along the supply chain and
  • on identification of training needs and propose tailored solutions.

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Alexander Neubauer
Daniel Blobel
Max Grünig
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transport, freight transport, climate change, carbon footprint, green house gas emissions, greening transport supply chains, internalization of external costs, sustainable freight supply chains

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