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ETTAR - Environmental Technologies Training and Awareness-Raising in the Transport Sector

ETTAR - Environmental Technologies Training and Awareness-Raising in the Transport Sector

9 September 2008

The ETTAR project ended with its final conference in Brussels to discuss the conclusions reached by the working groups. A total of three workshops had been held in the year leading up to the conference.

Background notes were prepared in advance of the workshops and policy briefs were produced in order to disseminate findings and recommendations. A final report summarised these findings. In addition, a specification was written for an e-learning tutorial relevant to those working in this sector.

The following events formed part of the project:

Dialogue Forum, 9 September 2008, Brussels (Final Conference)
Transport and the Environment
Sustainable Freight Transport Chains. Goal or myth?

Workshop 3, 17-18 April 2008, Berlin
Transport and the Environment
The road ahead: training and awareness-raising that will encourage the freight transport sector to improve its environmental performance

Workshop 2, 24-25 January 2008, Prague
Transport and the Environment
Barriers to the take-up of more efficient transport and logistics planning and training and awareness raising methods

Workshop 1, 25-26 October 2007, Gothenburg
Transport and the Environment
Barriers to the take up of Environmental Technologies in the Transport Sector

Further information about the project can be found on the ETTAR website

European Commission, Directorate-General Research (DG Research)
Cork Institute of Technology, Cork Institute of Technology (CTC), Ireland {Republic}
Deutsche Bahn AG (DB), Germany
ENVIROS, Czech Republic
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
9 September 2008
Brussels, Belgium
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transport, freight transport, climate change, carbon footprint, green house gas emissions, greening transport supply chains, internalization of external costs, sustainable freight supply chains, Europe