German Federal State Exchange Program "Climate Protection" - Sixth Meeting

Berlin, Germany

Climate protection activities and adaptation measures face some barriers which need to be broken down in order to achieve local climate protection goals. Over the last three years, regular meetings have been held to serve as an exchange platform regarding current developments in local climate protection and individual strategic projects.

Project stakeholders and local practitioners report on individual strategic projects

During the most recent workshop, project stakeholders and local practitioners provided input on the implementation status of the communication framework and advanced training options for climate protection managers. The topics were debated and addressed in 'Open Space' discussions and World Cafés.

Speakers at the workshop

  • Moderator:
    Angelika Paar (Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung – IFEU)
  • Welcome:
    Jessica Suplie (Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety – BMU)
    Dr. Sven Reinhardt (BMU)
  • Communication framework, implementation status, and strategy:
    Birgit Wittmann (Projektträger Jülich – PtJ)
  • Insights into the status of individual strategic projects:
    • Service and Competence Center Local Climate Protection: Christine Krüger (German Institute of Urban Affairs - Difu)
    • Development of the National Climate Initiative (NKI) – Communication framework: Angelika Paar (IFEU), Christina Heldwein (Arepo Consult)
    • Climate change planner: Dag Schulze (Klima-Bündnis), Hans Hertle (IFEU)
    • Advanced training options for climate protection managers: Minu Hemmati (adelphi), Hans Hertle (IFEU), Ulrike Janssen (Klima-Bündnis)

Internet portal introduced – "Service and Competence Center: Local Climate Protection (SK:KK)"

Deputy Director-General Bertholdt Goeke (Head of Subsection E II – Climate Protection – BMU) introduced a new internet portal "Service and Competence Center: Local Climate Protection (SK:KK)" on the second day of the workshop. The portal allows local municipalities and municipal facilities to access information and recommendations for climate change mitigation and adaptation actions. Mayors, climate protection managers, and other municipal representatives can learn about specific climate protection measures, network with other local municipalities, and present their objectives in the political arena.

The workshop took place from 24 until 25 April 2013 at the BMU offices in Berlin. It was the 6th meeting within the German Federal State Exchange Project "Strategic Development of National Climate Protection Initiatives (NKI)." The workshop was organized by IFEU and Ecologic Institute.

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