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Master Plan for 100% Climate Change Mitigation – Fifth Working Group Meeting of the Municipalities


Master Plan for 100% Climate Change Mitigation – Fifth Working Group Meeting of the Municipalities

Kempten, Germany

Funded by the National Climate Initiative (NKI) of the Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB), the fifth meeting of the scientific support working group for the municipalities taking part in the project "Master Plan for 100% Climate Change Mitigation" was held on 17 and 18 December 2013 in Kempten.

The fifth working group meeting was hosted by the City of Kempten in the old town hall where they proposed a possible framework for the development of new knowledge and professional exchanges. The event, which was attended by representatives of the BMUB and scientific researchers, in addition to representatives of the verious master plan municipalities, opened with a guided tour through the Allgäuer Überlandwerk (AÜW), a hydroelectric power plant, on 17 December. The following day was used for intensive professional exchanges. Implementation status was the focus of two separate thematic blocks on 18 December.

The Mayor of Kempten, Dr. Ulrich Netzer, opened the meeting by presenting Kempten’s completed master plan to Jessica Suplie (BMUB) and Dr. Adrian Saupe (Projektträger Jülich - PtJ). After further presentations about the master plan support passed in Phase II by Dr. Saupe and an introduction to the collaboration between the city of Kempten and the Energy & Environment Center Allgäu (eza) by Martin Sambale, municipalities were given the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences within the various working groups.

In the morning, the municipalities discussed different aspects of financial planning related to the implementation of measurements in Phase II. To do so, they were divided into multiple groups determined by the size of their municipalities. The afternoon was devoted to discussing different municipalities’ master plan development statuses: One working group dealt with questions regarding municipalities possibilities of involvement in the establishment of master plans in Phase I as well as the final resolution. Another working group discussed the opportunities of involvement in the implementation of projects in Phase II and discussed public outreach.


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Kempten, Germany
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