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Ecologic Institute at the International Climate Summit COP19 in Warsaw

COP19-Veranstaltungsort in Warschau

Ecologic Institute at the International Climate Summit COP19 in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

Between 11 November and 22 November 2013 the 19th Conference of the Parties (COP 19) to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in Warsaw (Poland). Ecologic Institute supported the negotiations via its legal expertise and also presented the results of its research projects during various sessions of the event. In addition, a transatlantic expert group attended the conference and was guided through the negotiations by Ecologic Institute staff. The slides from the first presentation and a new policy brief are available for download.

Dr. Ralph Bodle and Lena Donat of Ecologic Legal participated in the negotiations of the climate summit, by supporting the German delegation within the context of two projects. In this regard, Dr. Ralph Bodle is specialised on long-term climate financing measures. Lena Donat was involved in the negotiations within the project Further legal and institutional aspects of the international post-2012-climate negotiations.

Knowledge gaps analysis on future climate policies - POLIMP

As a member of the project Mobilizing and transferring knowledge on post-2012 climate policy (POLIMP), funded by 7th EU Framework Programme (FP7), the Ecologic Institute was involved in the side event entitled Assessing knowledge gaps on future climate policy implications from an overview across mitigation and adaptation initiatives [pdf, 172 kB, Englisch]. The event was jointly organised by POLIMP and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategy (IGES) from Japan. For its part, the POLIMP consortium presented the interim results of a knowledge gaps analysis on the future of the EU climate policy. The event took place on 18 November 2013.

Optimising the climate policy of the European Union (EU) – CECILIA2050

Later that day, Ecologic Institute hosted its own side event called "Optimising climate policy - EU experience & industrial innovation". The event presented insights from the FP7 research project CECILIA2050, lead by Ecologic Institute. Matthias Duwe, Head Climate at the Ecologic Institute outlined the state of play of the policy mix in the EU at regional and national level and presented a recently published Policy Brief [pdf, 2.9 MB, English]. In addition, options leadings towards a more environmentally friendly energy intensive industry were addressed in the course of this event. The results of a corresponding research project conducted by Climate Strategies, an international expert network, were presented by Karsten Neuhoff of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW). Professor Michael Grubb, an internationally well-known expert and former chair of Climate Strategies gave an introduction into the topic. All presentations as well as the Policy Brief are available for download.

Are European climate policy instruments triggering eco-innovation? – CECILIA2050

On 20 November 2013, Benjamin Görlach, Head of Economics and Policy Assessment at the Ecologic Institute and Andreas Löschel form the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), jointly chaired and moderated the side event "Triggering innovation for decarbonisation". The event also dealt with the research activities of CECILIA2050. In contrast to the prior event, this session concentrated on the question, how much the current climate policy framework is triggering environmentally friendly innovation. The event was co-organised by the DG for Research and Innovation of the European Commission and also presented research results from ENTRACTE, a similar EU FP7 research project. The side event was held in Room Brussels of the EU Pavilion on 20 November 2013 between 10:30 and 12:30.

Ecologic Institute leads transatlantic expert group through the climate negotiations

With the support of the European Union and the Robert Bosch Stiftung, Ecologic Institute organized the Fall Study Tour of the Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy (ELEEP) Network. Apart from their travel destinations in Germany, the twelve members of ELEEP that were taking part in the tour visited Warsaw and attended the UNFCCC climate negotiations. Dominic Marcellino, Fellow at the Ecologic Institute und Sören Haffer, Senior Event Manager accompanied and guided the group in Germany and Poland. In Warsaw, Matthias Duwe, Head of Climate, joined the group providing information and background knowledge on the climate negotiations. At the summit, the group had the opportunity to meet directly with key negotiators and other important stakeholders. The tour took place from 10 to 16 November 2013, whereas Warsaw was the one of the first stops from the 11 to 12 November 2013.

During the COP19 Ecologic Institute provides support for the negotiations, a transatlantic expert group and project results
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