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Heavily Modified Water Bodies


Heavily Modified Water Bodies

Synthesis of 34 Case Studies in Europe


Kampa, Eleftheria and Wenke Hansen 2004: Heavily Modified Water Bodies. Synthesis of 34 Case Studies in Europe. [International and European Environmental Policy Studies]. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer.

This book is the result of a European project on heavily modified water bodies, carried out in the context of the Common Implementation Strategy of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). It presents and synthesises the results of thirty-four European case studies on the identification and designation of heavily modified water bodies.

Emphasis is placed on the particular methods used in the case studies in the process of identification and designation, and further research needs are identified. The contents of this book have served as the basis for the production of the agreed European Guidance on artificial and heavily modified water bodies to be used by practitioners in the implementation of the WFD.

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Wenke Schönfelder
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Series: International and European Environmental Policy Series
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322 pp.
978-3-642-62219-9 (Softcover)
978-3-642-18647-9 (eBook)
978-3-540-21085-6 (Hardcover)
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EU Water Framework Directive, WFD, Water management, Heavily Modified Water Bodies, Artificial Water Bodies, River Basin
Spain, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Europe, Bregenzerach, Danube, Wienfluss, Dender River, Dhünn River, Mulde River, Elbe River, Lahn River, Seefelder Aach River, Ruhr River, Lozoya River, Lake Kemijärvi, Authie River, Saar River, Rhone River, Nestos River, Haringvliet Estuary, Hagmolenbeek-Hegebeek River, Lake Loosdrecht, Lake Veluwerandmeren, Suldaslagen River, Beiarelva River, Umealven River, Eman River, Dalälven River, Baltic Sea Coast, Sankey Brook, Great Ouse River, Tame River, Kennet River,Forth Estuary, Dee River, Tummel River, Lagan River
Case studies, Synthesis