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Energiewende in the Classroom

Skript des Fachseminars "Grüne Berufe"

Energiewende in the Classroom


Dräger, Iken; Sievert, Korinna; Wunder, Stephanie; Lucha, Christine; Behringer Rolf (2012): Scipts and tutorials for eight seminars - Basic knowledge energy transformation and renewable, Interdisciplinary energy projects in schools, Experiments with renewable, Energy saving, Green jobs, Alternative mobility, Energy efficient buildings, Energy scenarios.

Within education efforts for sustainable development, the transition of the energy system plays a key role. This includes knowledge about energy consumption, the role of energy efficiency and of renewable energies as well as future perspectives.

It is therefore important to integrate these issues into school curricula. This is why the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has funded the project "Teacher Training Renewable Energy". The project aims to improve the capacities of future teachers in regards to their knowledge about renewable energies and also to identify methodologies that may help teachers share this knowledge in schools.

The three year project was finalized in 2014. The rich and comprehensive pool of (German) training materials have been developed are also available beyond the project duration and can be downloaded for free at the project website.

The Ecologic Institute was responsible for the development of the online tutorial, and the development of training materials for eight topics and the conduction of training seminars all over Germany. The training materials tackle the following topics:

  1. Basic knowledge energy transformation and renewables
  2. Interdisciplinary energy projects in schools
  3. Experiments with renewables
  4. Energy saving
  5. Green jobs
  6. Alternative mobility
  7. Energy efficient buildings
  8. Energy scenarios

The projects was led by the UfU Institute and conducted in cooperation with the Ecologic Institute and "Solare Zukunft e.V.".

Schools are important actors for an energy transition

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Stephanie Wunder
Christine Lucha
Iken Draeger (UfU)
Korinna Sievert
Rolf Behringer
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Energie sparen, Grüne Berufe, Alternative Mobilität, Nachhaltig Bauen, Zukunftsvisionen 2050, Energiewende
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