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Towards Coherent Environmental and Economic Governance


Stilwell, Matthew; Richard Tarasofsky 2001: Towards Coherent Environmental and Economic Governance. Legal and Practical Approaches to MEA-WTO Linkages.

Matthew Stilwell (CIEL)
26 pp.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
I Introduction
II The relationship between MEAs and the WTO
A The role of MEAs
B The role of the WTO
C Legal and practical challenges at the MEA-WTO interface
1 The WTO-compatibility of trade measures in MEAs
2 MEA measures regarding non-parties
3 Applying the precautionary principle under MEAs
4 Ensuring that intellectual property rights support the implementation of MEAs
5 Services and the MEAs
6 Other issues
D Recent developments and proposals
III Improving coherence between trade and environemental policies, rules and institutions
A Legal basis for clarifying the MEA-WTO relationship
B Practical approaches to enhancing MEA-WTO relationships
1 Sustainability assessment – defining challenges and opportunities
2 Negotiation – ensuring that new rules and institutions are coherent
3 Implementation – ensuring coherent implementation of MEAs and the WTO
4 Compliance, enforcement and dispute settlement
D Enhancing co-operation between trade and environment officials
E Counterbalancing the CTE – the contributions of MEAs and UNEP
IV Recommendations
Table of Acronyms inside back cover