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Transatlantic Environmental Relations at the Subnational Level

Transatlantic Environmental Relations at the Subnational Level

12 July 2005

Local and regional institutions are essential for effectively tackling local environmental problems and for implementing policies that address global environmental challenges. In recent years, a number of transatlantic partnerships between regional and local institutions have evolved in order to change information and best practices in the environmental policy area. The Heinrich Boell Foundation organised an informal dinner on 12 July 2005 during which Ecologic Fellow Markus Knigge gave a speech on the role, the functioning and the effectiveness of transatlantic environmental partnerships, and discussed his findings with the participants present.

During his presentation Markus Knigge reported on key features of subnational transatlantic environmental partnerships, with particular attention being paid to the impacts of cooperation. In addition, specific challenges to and opportunities for subnational transatlantic cooperation were identified.

The ensuing discussion touched on, among other things, the following issues:

  • The effectiveness of partnerships;
  • Areas in which German partners could learn from their American counterparts;
  • The institutionalization of partnerships;
  • The ongoing need for multilateral efforts at the international level;
  • and The role of the regional and local levels in national and international policy-making.

The article [pdf, 103 KB, English] on which the presentation was based as well as the full report on transatlantic cooperation at the subnational level [pdf, 166 KB, English] are available for download.

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12 July 2005
Berlin, Germany
transatlantic relations, US, Europe, Exchange, Sister cities, best-practices, cooperation, subnational