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EU 2050 Strategic Vision "A Clean Planet for All"


EU 2050 Strategic Vision "A Clean Planet for All"

Brief Summary of the European Commission proposal
Overview of the EC's vision for a net-zero emissions Europe by 2050

In late November 2018, the European Commission published a "strategic vision" for a European economy with net-zero emissions by 2050 – this factsheet provides an overview of those documents. It explains, summarises, and evaluates the scenarios, proposals, and conclusions of the EC's extensive analysis.

The EC's vision first points out the magnitude of likely climate change impacts and the urgency to reduce GHG emissions. Using a series of different scenarios modeling possible pathways for emissions reductions in Europe, the analysis leads to proposed joint action in seven strategic priority areas. It lays out insights on several cross-cutting themes – including the need for additional innovation, the role of citizens and local communities, and the EU's role in global climate change diplomacy – focusing on how to mobilise the necessary investments. It also projects economic impacts of the transformation to a net-zero emissions economy by 2050.


Federal Environment Agency (2018). Fact Sheet: EU 2050 strategic vision "A Clean Planet for All". Brief Summary of the European Commission proposal. Berlin: 10 December 2018.

8 pp.
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Table of Contents

1. Essential elements of the 2050 vision
1.1 The Commission’s net-zero 2050 vision – cross-cutting issues
A.1.1 Main scenarios used in the Commission analysis
A.1.2 Strategic priority areas for joint action
2 Main conclusions
3 Questions for further enquiry
4 Next steps

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