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Towards a Global Plastics Convention

Towards a Global Plastics Convention

21 February 2019
United Kingdom
The global governance of plastics is fragmented and insufficiently coordinated. Thus, there is a need for a global plastics convention.

At Scotland's International Marine Conference 2019, Ecologic Institute's Linda Mederake presented results from the study "No more Plastics in the Ocean – Gaps in Global Plastic Governance and Options for a Legally Binding Agreement to Eliminate Marine Plastic Pollution" at a session on international working.

The session was chaired by Stefanie Werner of the German Environment Agency UBA and addressed marine litter policy and legislation in a European and International context. In her presentation, Linda Mederake highlighted the fragmented nature of the current governance structure and outlined necessary changes in the existing structure as well as five central elements for an internationally binding global plastics convention.

Other speakers in the session included Ewan Edwards from Marine Scotland Science, Peter van den Dries from the Flemish Waste Agency (OVAM), David Connor, Policy Officer at the DG Environment as well as Stefanie Werner.

Scotland’s International Marine Conference 2019 took place from 20 to 21 February 2019 in Glasgow. During the two days, representatives from government, academia, business and civil society came together to discuss current national and international actions to protect the marine environment with a particular focus on marine litter. The corresponding discussion paper is available for download.

The Scottish Government, United Kingdom
21 February 2019
Glasgow, United Kingdom
marine litter, plastics governance, marine plastic pollution, waste management, microplastics, global plastics convention, Scotland, EU, global level