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Holistic Assessment of Waste Management Technologies (HOLIWAST)


Holistic Assessment of Waste Management Technologies (HOLIWAST)

Research Program

The project's objective is to identify optimal waste management strategies for three different European regions. A multidisciplinary (environmental, economic, social, legal) approach is applied in evaluating different strategies. Ecologic will cover the socio-economic assessment of the identified strategies.

To facilitate sustainable waste management, it is essential to identify the waste treatment approach most suitable in the particular circumstances. This will be done within the HOLIWAST-project for three contrasting case study regions: Kattowice, Poland, Turin, Italy and Tølløse, Denmark. The evaluation of different options examines not only technical problems but considers other matters as well. Therefore the primary objectives of this Specific Targeted Research Project are:

  • to provide a multidisciplinary (environmental, economic, social) comparison of different waste management technologies;
  • to identify how the most appropriate technologies can be implemented within an integrated waste management framework,
  • to evaluate the opportunity of policy instruments for providing these technologies and supporting decision makers.

The main task of Ecologic in HOLIWAST, is to assess the socio-economic consequences of the chosen solutions in the selected regions. Furthermore, Ecologic will ensure that the research findings find their way to the policy-maker level. Ecologic also provides the consortium with an analysis of economic instruments currently in use for waste management to assess their suitability. Within this analysis, differing economic instruments are characterised with regards to their (1) field of application and past experiences, (2) their (immediate) addressees, (3) their objectives (reduction of the overall amount of municipal waste or promotion of waste recovery, (4) effectiveness, (5) Frequency of application, and (6) their political enforceability and the general acceptance of the public.

Further information can bei found on the HOLIWAST Website.

The project results have been published in the study entitled "Waste management policies and policy instruments in Europe".

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Dr. Ingo Bräuer
Alexander Neubauer
Eduard Interwies
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Waste Management, Economic Instruments, Impact Assessment, Europe, Italy, Denmark, Poland
Europe, Italy, Denmark, Poland