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Ecologic Institute's 25th Anniversary Photo Contest

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Ecologic Institute's 25th Anniversary Photo Contest

Forward looking – looking forward

29 August 2020
Berlin, Germany

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, Ecologic Institute organised a photo contest among colleagues and friends.

As we are curious what the future will bring, and what visions are out there for a sustainable world, we chose the topic: Forward looking – Looking forward.

In two different categories, juniors (under 18 years) and adults were encouraged to pick up their cameras, explore their surroundings and find inspiring, forward-looking motives in their environment.

All in all, we received 54 contributions: 40 for the regular contest, and 14 for the junior contest. The winners were determined by a vote taken by Ecologic Institute staff.

And the winners of the Ecologic Institute 25th Anniversary Photo Contest are…

Winners of the Junior Contest

1st Place: Anton Tarabichi (12 years)
Title: Green House | 'Nature is taking back'

2nd Place: Anna Duwe (10 years)
Title: Big Sky Tiny Bike | 'The cyclist may seem small but helps keeping the future's sky bright'

3rd Place: Ilay Bausch (12 years)
Title: Everything in the Park | 'I am touched by this photo because it has it all in terms of form, colour, city and nature.'

Winners of the Adult Contest

(the voting identified five 2nd places with the exact same number of votes):

1st Place: Florian Frisch
Title: Enjoy every Moment

2nd Place: Aaron Best
Title: North Cascades Tent | 'Dawn light within my brother's tent while trekking together in the wilderness'

2nd Place: Camilla Bausch
Title: Natural Highflyer | 'How to live together?'

2nd Place: Camilla Bausch
Title: Windows to minds | 'Think about it!'

2nd Place: Karl Lehmann
Title: A Matter of Perspective | 'A change of perspective can help to tackle big challenges with obvious solutions.'

2nd Place: Susanah Stoessel
Title: The Future Awaits | 'ready for take-off'

All winners will receive a prize, and winning photographs will be exhibited at the Ecologic Anniversary celebration, which is now planned for 2021. In addition, five of the winning submissions will be printed on postcards (1st place junior contest, 1st place and selected 2nd places of the adult contest).

Congratulations to all winners!

We look forward to the next 25 years of forward-looking science and policy for a sustainable world.

29 August 2020