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Used Vehicle Trade and Fleet Composition in Europe

Used Vehicle Trade and Fleet Composition in Europe

In Europe, limited information is available about the environmental characteristics of the vehicles stocks and of traded used vehicles in terms of vehicle's air pollutant and CO2 emissions. In this report Ecologic Institute and Fraunhofer ISI explore available national and European data sources of vehicle stocks and trade throughout Europe and compile the available vehicle characteristics. Based on the available characteristics, the authors derive the environmental performance of vehicle stocks and traded used vehicles and assess respective regional differences in the environmental performance of the vehicles stocks and of used vehicle trade flows. The report is available for download.


Velten, Eike Karola; Clemens Brauer, Jan-Erik Thie (2020): Used vehicle trade and fleet composition in Europe. Final report of the project "Used vehicle trade and fleet composition in Europe" on behalf of the EEA. Ecologic Institute and Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI: Berlin, Karlsruhe.

Clemens Brauer (Fraunhofer ISI)

Special thanks goes to Katharina Umpfenbach for her helpful review as well as Jonathan Köhler for his language check. We also want to thank Janna Vakili, Fabiana Ferro, Darja Stepanova, Ramiro De la Vega, Yannis Geiger, and Julius Buschle for the country data research.

47 pp.
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Table of Contents

Executive summary
1 Introduction
2 Data collection and compilation
2.1 Indicators to describe vehicle characteristics
2.1.1 Countries
2.1.2 Year
2.1.3 Vehicle class
2.1.4 Engine type
2.1.5 Engine capacity
2.1.6 Air pollutants and CO2 emissions
2.2 Data sources
2.2.1 Stock data
2.2.2 Trade data
2.3 Data gaps and inconsistencies
3 Derivation of environmental characteristics
4 Environmental characteristics of used vehicles
4.1 Regulatory background of vehicle stocks and trade
4.1.1 Regulations for registering a vehicle
4.1.2 Taxation for incentivising efficient and low-emission vehicle stocks
4.1.3 Regulation and taxation during the trade of vehicles
4.2 Characteristics of European countries’ vehicle stocks
4.3 Characteristics of European countries used vehicle trade
5 Conclusions
6 Indexes
7 Literature

used vehicles, Vehicle fleet, Passenger cars, Lorries, Trade flows, Greenhouse gas emissions, Air pollution, environmental performance, Europe