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Ecologic has signed the Countdown 2010 Declaration

Ecologic has signed the Countdown 2010 Declaration

Logo Countdown 2010Countdown 2010 is a pan-European initiative to halt the loss of biodiversity, hosted by the World Conservation Union (IUCN).Thus far, more than 100 European organisations from all sectors and levels working in one or more pan-European countries expressed and demonstrated their commitment to the 2010 biodiversity target. Ecologic contributes to the initiative’s objectives through its research and consultancy, encouraging policy decision makers to implement the 2010 targets and to take further steps to achieve these targets.

The Countdown 2010 has three main objectives:

  1. Encourage and support the full implementation of all the existing binding international commitments and necessary actions to save biodiversity;
  2. Demonstrate clearly what progress Europe makes in meeting the 2010 biodiversity commitment;
  3. Gain maximum public attention across Europe for the challenge of saving biodiversity by 2010.

Projects that Ecologic is involved with that support the initiative‘s goals are for example:

Ecologic Project: Governance and ecosystems management for the conservation of biodiversity - GEM-CON-BIO
Ecologic Project: The use of market incentives to preserve Biodiversity

The Countdown 2010 Initiative was also one of the main topics of this year’s IUCN pan-European Meeting. Under the title „Towards 2010 and Beyond. A Vision for European Nature“ more that 100 IUCN members, ranging from European government officials to NGOs, met in Barcelona to discuss this topic. Ecologic, a member of IUCN and represented by Ecologic Fellow Stephanie Schlegel, took part in the discussions. The conference took place on 18-21 October 2006.

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