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Launch of the New BiodivRestore Knowledge Hub

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Launch of the New BiodivRestore Knowledge Hub

A Collaborative Network for Nature Restoration

Paris, France

Dr. Benjamin Kupilas and Dr. Ulf Stein attended the launch of the new BiodivRestore Knowledge Hub in Paris on 30 and 31 May 2024. Both have been appointed as experts to the hub, which is a thematic network consisting of selected researchers with expertise in biodiversity and ecosystem restoration. During the next 1.5 years, the network will contribute to the integration and sharing of knowledge and technological excellence to support countries in the development and implementation of their National Restoration Plans. The hub will help ensure that countries can reach the targets set out in the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 and Global Biodiversity Framework. It will also facilitate and improve networking between researchers and stakeholders to increase research impact and knowledge transfer between science, policy, and society.

The hub is composed of two task forces. Dr. Benjamin Kupilas is part of the first one, an "Implementation Task Force" that focuses on strengthening the knowledge base for the implementation of the Nature Restoration Law (NRL). Dr. Ulf Stein is part of the second one, the "Research & Innovation Task Force" that focuses on advancing the Research & Innovation Agenda. Both task forces have started to draft specific work plans and activities during the launch in Paris last week.

Aims of the Implementation Task Force:

  • Strengthen the knowledge base for the implementation of the NRL; 
  • Develop science-based guidelines/standards/good practices to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of countries’ restoration measures, including leveraging private financing for restoration; 
  • Increase general knowledge about the purpose and principles of ecological restoration; 
  • Foster inter- and multidisciplinary collaboration; 
  • Provide guidance on the set-up of national knowledge network hubs to help countries reach their restoration targets. 

Aims of the R&I Task Force: 

  • Advance the Research & Innovation Agenda; 
  • Exchange ideas for future transnational research (building project proposals and consortia); 
  • Identify knowledge gaps/research needs; 
  • Identify research-implementation gaps and ways to overcome these.

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