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Governance at the National Level: Responsible ministries and competent authorities


CC BY 4.0 Ecologic Institute 2024


Governance at the National Level: Responsible ministries and competent authorities

Implementing the EU Methane Regulation Working Paper N° 2


Piria, Raffaele, Leon Martini 2024: Implementing the EU Methane Regulation, Working paper N° 2. Governance at the national level: responsible ministries and competent authorities. Ecologic Institute, Berlin. Available at:

The EU Methane Regulation (EU-MER) is crucial for reducing methane (CH4) emissions from the energy sector, thereby enhancing our chances at achieving the climate targets. This paper discusses the respective roles of the responsible ministries (RM) and the competent authorities (CA) and examines how the CA's tasks can be allocated to various pre-existing agencies at the national or regional level. Additionally, the working paper discusses the importance of political autonomy for CA and how MS can prevent undue influence.

Effective governance at the national level is essential for a successful implementation of EU-MER. This publication aims to assist public officers involved in implementing the recently adopted EU-MER at the national level, as well as civil society organisations engaged in the process.

There are two other papers in this series focusing on EU-MER implementation at the national level:


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The authors thank the following people for their support, intellectual contribution and inspiration: Julian Schwartzkopff and Tabea Pottiez (Deutsche Umwelthilfe), Joana Simão Costa and Malcolm McDowell (European Commission), Andrea Trenta, Diego Gavagnin and Tommaso Franci (Amici della terra), Michaela Holl (Agora Energiewende), Edward Calthrope (European Investment Bank), Christian Böttcher (German Federal Environment Agency), Corina Andreea Murafa (Faculty of Business Administration, Bucharest University of Economic Studies), Aart Tacoma (Element nl), Maarten de Vries (CE Delft).

We also thank our colleagues Aaron Best, Agnés Reinsberg, Aleksandra Lempp, Anna Mansilla Urban, Arne Riedel, Benjamin Görlach, Eike Karola Velten, Ewa Iwaszuk, Flora Dicke, Jennifer Rahn, Lina-Marie Dück, Meike Lorenz, Paula Schöberlein, Ralf Bodle, Ramiro de la Vega, Stephan Sina, and Susanne Langsdorf for their contributions and help.

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