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Climate Change and Water Adaptation Issues

Climate Change and Water Adaptation Issues

EEA Technical report No 2/2007

The impact of climate change on Europe's water resources is a critical issue for people's lives and the economy. Even if emissions of greenhouse gases were stabilised today, increases in temperature and the associated impacts, including water availability and flooding, will continue for many decades to come. This report, which was published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) in February 2007 and co-authored by Ecologic, shows that there is a need to adapt to climate change for water resource policy and regulation across Europe. The report assesses the strengths and weaknesses of current policies and regulations, and describes progress and activities in European countries.

It presents examples for adaptation initiatives in the water management sector from different European countries, drawing on information collected through a questionnaire survey that was carried out jointly by the EEA and Ecologic. The report has contributions from Ecologic staff, and is closely related to Ecologic’s project “Climate change and water management – adaptation strategies for Europe”. It also provided input to the symposium “Time to Adapt — Climate Change and European Water Dimension”, which took place in February 2007 and was organised by Ecologic on behalf of the German EU presidency.

The report is available for download at the EEA web site.


Footitt, Anthony et al. 2007: Climate change and water adaptation issues. EEA Technical report No 2/2007. ISSN 1725-2237, ISBN 978-92-9167-917-1. Copenhagen: EEA.

Anthony Footitt
Merylyn McKenzie Hedger
Peter Kristensen
Rob Wilby
Jeff Huntington
Jelle van Minnen
Rob Swart
110 pp.
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Table of Contents

Executive summary

1 Introduction
1.1 Background and objectives
1.2 Climate change and impacts on water
1.3 Adaptation policy issues
1.4 Summary

2 Climate change and EU water policy
2.1 Background
2.2 Climate change and the Water Framework Directive
2.3 Climate change and the basic principles and tools of the WFD
2.4 Flooding and climate hange
2.5 Climate change, water scarcity and drought
2.6 Summary

3 National practices and issues
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Activities on relation of drought and scarcity
3.3 Flooding
3.4 Overview of adaptation initiatives
3.5 Country views on Water Framework Directive issues
3.6 Research needs

4 Discussion and future challenges
4.1 Overall awareness
4.2 Frameworks
4.3 European level aspects
4.4 Water Framework Directive
4.5 National practices
4.6 Research and policy support


Annex 1 Country level activities on climate change on relation of water resource issues

A1.11 Introduction and sources of information
A1.22 Austria
A1.33 Belgium
A1.44 Bulgaria
A1.55 Cyprus
A1.66 Czech Republic
A1.77 Denmark
A1.88 Estonia
A1.99 Finland
A1.110 France
A1.111 Germany
A1.112 Greece
A1.113 Hungary
A1.114 Iceland
A1.115 Ireland
A1.116 Italy
A1.117 Latvia
A1.118 Lithuania
A1.119 Malta
A1.220 The Netherlands
A1.221 Norway
A1.222 Portugal
A1.223 Romania
A1.224 Slovakia
A1.225 Slovenia
A1.226 Spain
A1.227 Sweden
A1.228 Switzerland
A1.29 United Kingdom

water management, climate change, adaptation, Europe