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I've been involved with Slow Food Youth Germany since my arrival in Berlin and have been part of the national youth leadership since 2013. Our campaigns and events engage the public to show that food should be sustainable, diverse and healthy – and fun!    slowfood.de/slow_food_youth_deutschland

Photo: World Food Systems Center

Kickboxing has been a love of mine since I was a teenager. I train in a team of fair and sporty mates, and I'm happy to have grown and become a co-trainer to teach newcomers to the group.

I really enjoy spending my free time with my two wonderful sons. I was recently able to take five months of paternity leave and really loved being able to spend so much quality time with my family – a luxury that one often doesn't get in life.

In 2012, I founded the fair-trade label HaWandel for children's clothes, which are designed and produced by family and friends in Cameroon. HaWandel stands for "Trade for Change" and the goal is to improve the living conditions of women in Cameroon – not by aid but by fair trade.

As a fan of apocalyptic science fiction, I took a shine on a social browser game. Although it can't be won, the inevitable end can be postponed by strategic group actions. In my spare time, I have programmed a series of add-ons which are used by thousands of gamers worldwide. For the last couple of years, I have been working on creating my own online game.

I adopted my Maine Coon tomcat named Rasmus from a colleague when she left for Alaska for her PhD work 5 years ago. Some of my friends call him grumpy cat, but he is the friendliest cat on the planet and beats most dogs in size.

Photo: Sebastian Fröhlich

To look at the energy transition from a different angle and to start an open dialogue about it, I initiated the Energie-WendeKunst (EnergyTransitionArt) project. The Energie-WendeKunst is an art competition, an exhibition, and a series of events that creates a space for an artistic perspective and exploration of the energy transition in Germany. The response has been overwhelming: around 400 creatives took part in the competition with a total of 1000 artworks!

I am currently working on my PhD to analyse the chances and limitations for sustainable use of pasture land in Mongolia. My work is based on interviews with herders who participate in one of the largest development projects in Mongolia dealing with pasture overgrazing and desertification.

Upcycling helps to look at things from a different perspective. For instance, waste can be used creatively as a resource and turned into a treasure - like this bath mat that is knitted from plastic bags. creative-green-life.com

I cannot remember a time I wasn't learning some instrument. However, in high school, I settled on guitar and songwriting. They allowed me to express myself and became a mean to share that with others. theculpritsmusic.com

My private time is dedicated to the preservation of the highly protected European Terrapin turtle (Emys orbicularis, reptile of the year 2015). I participate in a national breeding programme to revive the last German population in North-East Brandenburg. In addition, I am breeding four highly endangered terrestrial tortoises like the spur-thighed tortoise (Testudo graeca).

Since July 2015, I've become the official guardian of Fahim (16), a refugee child from Afghanistan who came to Germany without his parents. It is a valuable experience for me to learn about the reality of life of refugee children and to help Fahim find his way in a totally new environment, culture and language. xenion.org/angebote/akinda

I think the development of industrial livestock farming in Mecklenburg is unreasonable and alarming. Therefore, I support the public relation work of the citizens' initiative in Dargeluetz protesting against a planned pig factory.

Photo: Fred Dott

To mark the occasion of Ecologic Institute's 20th anniversary, this infographic provides a look behind the scenes and introduces some of the people who make up the heart and soul of the Institute. The infographic was developed, designed and implemented by Ecologic Institute's staff members.

Visit our interactive online infographic.

At Ecologic Institute, I can examine very interesting and diverse environmental issues at the interface of science, policy and society. It is great to be involved with inspiring work for many different clients and to help them make a difference in the way we manage our environment and natural resources.

Ecologic Institute has a creative bunch of people who combine a high degree of professionalism and commitment for doing serious work without having to be serious.

Ecologic Institute offers the possibility to cooperate with interesting partners and clients from many countries. I am based in Berlin but feel like I have colleagues all over Europe.

My colleagues at Ecologic Institute are really great. They offer me the best working environment I can imagine: commitment to the topic, lively interdisciplinarity and collaboration with humor and team spirit.

I appreciate working together with open-minded people that are always looking to improve. Ecologic Institute is a playground for new ideas and thinking outside the box.

I like that I can use my skills to protect the environment. I support our researchers every day to solve important problems and to save the world – at least a little bit.

I enjoy working independently and following my personal research interests and goals within the framework provided by Ecologic Institute. The fluid and flexible management structure enables me to implement my own ideas and stay motivated, ensuring my own funding sources.

I enjoy working together with people from different scientific and cultural backgrounds. As a team, we are more productive because our different knowledge, experiences and perspectives come together.

The truly flexible handling of working time enormously meets my private needs. Family, education, and work:  at Ecologic Institute you have the possibility to manage it all.


Sören Haffer, Melanie Kemper, Elena von Sperber, Beáta Vargová

Graphic design
Beáta Vargová

Online implementation
Sebastian Ossio