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Cost-effective groundwater protection: the Thülsfelde Water Protection Area


Cost-effective groundwater protection: the Thülsfelde Water Protection Area

26 April 2007

Benjamin Görlach presented some preliminary results of the WaterCost Project, which has been set up to develop and test a practicable methodology for cost-effectiveness analysis of groundwater protection measues. WaterCost brings together partners from five European regions, including municipalities, water supply companies and environment agencies. Ecologic Institute supports the German partners in the WaterCost project in the application of a cost-effectiveness analysis in a Frisian groundwater protection area. In his presentation, Benjamin Görlach surveyed the costs and the effectiveness of 10 possible measures to reduce nitrate pollution from agricultural sources in the groundwater catchment area, and discussed potential combinations of these measures.

The cost-effectiveness analysis was conducted in the spring of 2007 in cooperation with the OOWV water supply company and the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture. They represent the German contribution in the WaterCost project.

The full presentation of Benjamin Görlach is avalaible for download [pdf, 2 MB, English].

26 April 2007
Oldenburg, Germany
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