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GEM-CON-BIO & EPIGOV – Two Approaches to Make 'Governance' Tangible

GEM-CON-BIO & EPIGOV – Two Approaches to Make 'Governance' Tangible

9 May 2007

The question of "Governance" of natural resources, in other words how societies deal with the use of natural ressources, is central to each discussion about sustainability. Only "good governance" can guarantee the sustainable use of natural resources, protection of biodiversity, and indirectly help to implement the EU sustainability strategy. However it is quite difficult to measure and evaluate the level of good (bad) governance and to make the somewhat abstract concept more tangible. Rainer Müssner presented two EU funded projects dealing with the issue of "Governance of natural resources", in which Ecologic is involved as co-ordinator or partner.

The presentation [pdf, 822 KB, Englisch] of Rainer Müssner can be downloaded. 

The presentation was held at the conference "Sustainable Neighbourhood - from Lissbon to Leipzig through research", that was hosted by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research on 8-10 May 2007 and that has been visited by more than 600 guests.

Rainer Müssner
9 May 2007
Leipzig, Germany
Sustainable, sustainability, development, biodiversity, resource