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Europäische Klimapolitik – Erfolgsgeschichte oder Mogelpackung?

Europäische Klimapolitik – Erfolgsgeschichte oder Mogelpackung?

How significant is the impact of current climate protection policy related activities and initiatives in Europe? Is Europe successfully playing a leadership role in global climate protection policy development and implementation? Can European climate policy be described as a success story? In an article, Anna Leipprand and Camilla Bausch present an analysis of recent developments in international and European climate policy.

The article analyses current European climate policy at three different levels: efforts undertaken by European actors at the international level (G8 summit), the domestic climate protection targets agreed at European level (Council Conclusions), and the challenges their implementation is faced with. 

The article is part of a dossier on „global warming – climate, energy and politics“ in the September 2007 Issue of the Neue Gesellschaft/Frankfurter Hefte Journal, which also includes articles by Egon Bahr and Sigmar Gabriel, Michael Müller, Hermann Scheer and Jana Zitzler.

The publication can be ordered at http://www.frankfurter-hefte.de/.


Leipprand, Anna and Camilla Bausch 2007: “Europäische Klimapolitik - Erfolgsgeschichte oder Mogelpackung.” Neue Gesellschaft/Frankfurter Hefte, Vol. 2007, No. 9 - Global Warming - Klima, Energie und Politik, September 2007.

4 pp.
Table of Contents
  •   Der G8-Gipfel verbessert die Bedingungen für internationale Verhandlungen
  •   Das Energie- und Klimapaket sendet wichtige Signale
  •   Die Umsetzung der Ziele stellt die größte Herausforderung dar
  •   Rahmenbedingungen
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