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Dr. Camilla Bausch


Dr. Camilla Bausch

Scientific & Executive Director, Ecologic Institute Europe
Board Member


Dr. Camilla Bausch is the Scientific & Executive Director of Ecologic Institute.

Climate and energy policy are the main fields of her research. A lawyer by training, she is passionate about researching international governance approaches and their development. Cross-border effects of climate protection efforts and the energy transition figure prominently in her work.

Camilla Bausch is co-editor of the Carbon & Climate Law Review (CCLR).

She is a member of different advisory boards, e.g., of the following organizations: Climate Protection Council of the State of Berlin (Klimaschutzrat), Scholarship Foundation of the Berlin House of Representatives (Studienstiftung des Berliner Abgeordnetenhauses), Climate Neutrality Foundation, DENEFF (German Industry Initiative for Energy Efficiency).

She is also a member, e.g., of the Steering Committee of SDSN Germany, the expert jury in the field of environment of the Allianz Foundation and the jury of the "Environment and Art Award" of the Kummer Vanotti Stiftung.

From 2017 to 2023, Camilla Bausch was the Spokeswoman of the Ecological Research Network (Ecornet). She served as a co-chair of the T20 Task Force on Climate, Energy and Environmental Protection under the Indonesian Presidency of the G20. This built on her co-chairing the 2021 environmental T20 Task Force previously, during the Italian G20 Presidency.

She initiated and led the EnergyTransitionArt project (2013-2016). Furthermore, she founded the Climate Talk event series and led it between 2004 and 2014.

From 2009 to 2014, Dr. Bausch was a board member of Greenpeace Germany, holding the position of Chair for three of those years. In 2008/2009, Dr. Bausch took a sabbatical supported by the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) and the American Political Science Association (APSA) to work for the United States House of Representatives. There, she worked with Congressman Edward J. Markey, who is now Senator for Massachusetts (D-MA).

Prior to working at Ecologic Institute, Camilla Bausch was a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Born in Berlin, she spent a year in the USA, attaining an American high school diploma. After receiving her Abitur in Baden-Württemberg (Germany), she studied law with a focus on European and environmental law at the Freie Universität Berlin (Germany) and the University of Cologne (Germany). She received a PhD in law from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany). Her doctoral thesis focused on grid access regulations in the liberalized electricity market of the EU.

Camilla Bausch has received fellowships and scholarships from the German Research Foundation (DFG), the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, the German Marshall Fund, the Zeit Foundation, and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, among others.

In addition to her stays in the USA, Camilla Bausch has lived abroad for extended periods in Belgium and Russia.


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Selected publications by Dr. Camilla Bausch
print and online cover of the journal "Klima und Recht"


  The COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh was intended by the Egyptian presidency to be an implementation summit. The key outcome agreed was a financing mechanism with a fund specifically for damage and loss. Apart from that, the substantive outcomes of COP27 were mostly... Read more

Bodle, Ralph; Arne Riedel and Camilla Bausch 2023: Der Klimagipfel von Sharm El-Sheikh: Fortschritt und Stillstand. In: KlimR, Issue 1 (2023), pp. 2 - 6.

Cover of the Policy Brief - Accelerating the Global Transformation of Industry at the G7

© Ecologic Institute

Transforming and decarbonising industry is essential for reaching climate-neutrality and the goals of the Paris Agreement. A significant part of industrial assets require reinvestment in this decade, while new low-carbon infrastructure needs to be built. All these... Read more

Martini, Leon, Benjamin Görlach, Camilla Bausch 2022: Accelerating the Global Transformation of Industry at the G7. Ecologic Institute, Berlin.

KlimR 1/2022

Screenshot of the cover page

Prof. Michael Mehling (Deputy Director, MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEPR)), and Dr. Camilla Bausch (Director, Ecologic Institute) were invited to contribute to the inaugural issue of the new journal "Klima und Recht" (Climate and Law). In... Read more

Mehling, Michael; Camilla Bausch 2022: Der Klimagipfel von Glasgow: Notwendig, aber nicht hinreichend. In: KlimR, Issue 1 (2022), pp. 22 - 25

Author: Camilla Bausch, Publication: ISPI Dossier - Climate Change: A Global Fight at a Crossroads


Just a few weeks before the UN climate summit (COP26), Dr. Camilla Bausch responded to the invitation to contribute to the most recent dossier published by ISPI under the tagline "Climate Change: A Global Fight at a Crossroads". Her timely contribution outlines the... Read more

Bausch, Camilla 2021: How the G20 can contribute to a successful climate summit in Glasgow In: Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) 2021: Climate Change: A Global Fight at a Crossroads

publication's 1st page

© Stiftung Genshagen and Institut Montaigne

In the context of the European Green Deal, the introduction and design of border adjustment measures is currently subject to much controversy. Upon invitation to contribute to the series "Green Deal reloaded" by the Stiftung Genshagen and the Institut Montaigne, Dr.... Read more

Bausch, Camilla 2021: Bridging Divides Over the  Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. Green Deal reloaded – Perspektiven für eine nachhaltige und gerechte Transformation der EU N° 6, 14 April 2021. Stiftung Genshagen, Institut Montaigne.

publication's cover


With 2020 drawing to a close, Dr. Camilla Bausch was invited to contribute to "The World in 2021". This publication is an annual end-of-year publication by ISPI, a leading foreign policy think tank in Italy, on trends, crises and 10 key "questions" that are relevant for... Read more

Bausch, Camilla 2020: Climate: Saved by the pandemic? In: Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) 2020: The World in 2021, pages 32-35.



In the wake of Joe Biden's election as 46th President of the United States, Dr. Camilla Bausch contributed a blog post for the Global Public Policy Institute's Peace Lab on how multilateralism could help address the climate crisis. This is a timely contribution as it is... Read more

Bausch, Camilla 2020: Deutschland, der Multilateralismus und die Klimakrise: Wie Kooperationen die Klimapolitik stärken können. 8 December 2020. Online:

In their 2007 publication for the first issue of CCLR, Dr. Camilla Bausch, Director of Ecologic Institute, and Michael Mehling, Partner and Board Member of the Institute, took stock of progress with climate negotiations under the United Nations. Now, a decade later,... Read more

Bausch, C. , & Mehling, M. Anniversary Special: The Inaugural Issue a Decade Later ∙ Negotiating Climate Change in the UN: Carbon & Climate Law Review Volume 11, Issue 3 (2017) pp. 179 - 183

© Aaron Best
In December 2017 the publication "Creative Environment – a guide to art and sustainability initiatives in Berlin" was published by Ecologic Institute. The guide is the result of Ecologic Institute's inaugural Writer-in-Residence program. Curator Yasmine Ostendorf spent... Read more

Ostendorf, Yasmine 2017: Creative Environment. A guide to art and sustainability initiatives in Berlin. Berlin: Ecologic Institute.

Selected events by Dr. Camilla Bausch
event announcment

© Ecornet

Germany wants to become climate-neutral by 2045, the EU by 2050. Both targets became legally binding in 2021, an important breakthrough on the way to structural transformation to a climate-friendly economy. What further breakthroughs are needed to anchor this... Read more

Digital Event:From Knowledge to Action



On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Ecologic Institute, together with the Institute for European Environmental Policy and TMG, hosted the Think2030 conference "Harnessing the European Green Deal to Address the Climate Crisis: Anticipating Risks, Fostering... Read more
Bundesumweltministerin Svenja Schulze | Foto: Stefan Röhl
The final event of the dialogue forum "Wirtschaft macht Klimaschutz" took place on 11 March 2020 at the Turbinenhalle in Berlin. Over the past two years, representatives from more than 100 companies have jointly developed ideas, projects and concrete steps to promote... Read more

Conference:Business Mitigates Climate Change – Final Event of the Dialogue Forum

Berlin, Germany
Selected presentations by Dr. Camilla Bausch

Foto von Christian Lue auf Unsplash

Building on the momentum created by the negotiations on the Nature Restoration Regulation (NRL) as well as by the overall successful outcome of the biodiversity summit COP15, the think tank network "Think Sustainable Europe" (TSE) met with EU Environment Commissioner... Read more

Panel discussion:Meeting with EU Commissioner Sinkevičius on Biodiversity and the Nature Restoration Regulation

Brussels, Belgium

© ISPI School and Dom Fou on Unsplash

At the invitation of the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), Dr. Camilla Bausch held a "Lectio Magistralis". At this Lectio, leading experts such as Jean-Claude Trichet (Former President of the European Central Bank) and Sergei Guriev ... Read more


To provide the G20 leaders with scientific advice, Think20 – a group of think tanks and academia from G20 countries – will work over the upcoming months on policy papers and recommendations. At the T20 Inception Conference, thought leaders and policy makers like Paolo... Read more
Senator Bernie Sanders invited some of the most prominent voices in America to the US Congress to discuss how to handle the increasing threat of climate change. Dr. Camilla Bausch of Ecologic Institute reflected on global trends in the field of energy, climate policy,... Read more

Panel discussion:Solving our Climate Crisis: Dr. Bausch at Senator Bernie Sanders' National Town Hall Meeting in Washington DC

Washington, DC, United States
Dr. Camilla Bausch | © Martin Stollberg/Zukunft Altbau
How is the Paris Agreement relevant for people active in the building sector? What can and should architects, energy consultants, or installers contribute to achieving the goals of this international climate agreement? Dr. Camilla Bausch of Ecologic Institute tried to... Read more

Speech:From Knowledge to Action: Global climate protection and local action

Stuttgart, Germany