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Transboundary Regimes: The Amudarya - Insights from the Newater project


Transboundary Regimes: The Amudarya - Insights from the Newater project

22 April 2008

On occasion of a policy briefing, Nicole Kranz of Ecologic Institut presented the first results of a study on factors favoring and hindering adaptive transboundary water management regimes in the Amudarya basin.

The meeting, which took place at the Tashkent Institute for Irrigation and Melioration, was attended by representatives from donor organisations and researchers from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan involved with information exchange practices in transboundary water management. Participants provided feedback to the study on adaptive transboundary water management under preparation by Ecologic Institute in the context of the Newater project and discussed possible ways forward with regard to rendering more adaptive water management systems in the transboundary Amudarya basin.

Special attention was given to the role of the current discourse on climate change, which could foster and hinder co-operation between the riparian states at the same time.

The lecture [pdf, 1.2 MB, English] is available for download. 

Nicole Kranz
22 April 2008
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
adaptive water resources management, transboundary river basins, Central Asia, Amudarya, climate change