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Workshop Water Framework Directive and Heavily Modified Water Bodies

Workshop Water Framework Directive and Heavily Modified Water Bodies

12 March 2009 to 13 March 2009

On 12-13 March 2009, a workshop on the Water Framework Directive and Heavily Modified Water Bodies was held in Brussels. The workshop aimed at the exchange of information and views on the designation of heavily modified water bodies (HMWB), the assessment of ecological potential, objective setting for HMWB and planned mitigation measures in the Member States.

The workshop entitled "Heavily Modified Water Bodies: Information Exchange on Designation, Assessment of Ecological Potential, Objective Setting and Measures" took place in the context of the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). It was jointly organized by Germany, United Kingdom and the European Commission in cooperation with the Water Framework Directive (WFD) CIS-ECOSTAT-group and the CIS-Hydromorphology-activity.

About 110 participants attended the event, including nominated representatives from the Member States, the European Commission, relevant European-level organisations and stakeholder groups.

Further information can be found on the workshop's website.

Ecologic supported Germany, United Kingdom and EC co-organisers in the conceptual preparation and organisation of this WFD & Heavily Modified Water Bodies (HMWB) workshop. The conceptual preparation of the workshop included the drafting of a discussion paper with up-to-date information on the status of WFD implementation on HMWB designation and definition of good ecological potential in the Member States. Member State replied to a questionnaire on HMWB, which has been distributed by the EC, will serve as the primary source of information.

12 March 2009 to 13 March 2009
Brussels, Belgium
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Water, Water Framework Directive, Heavily Modified Water Bodies, Good Ecological Potential, Hydromorphology, Common Implementation Strategy, Europe