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Ein Forschungsbeitrag zur innovativen ländlichen Entwicklung in der EU

Rural development policies and the promotion of innovation represent the basis for the successful development of rural areas. In this context the assessment of innovative initiatives and projects alongside the analysis of the status quo and obstacles to innovations are crucial. In this article Sandra Naumann (Ecologic) und Andreas Frangenberg (FNL), propose a set of indicators to qualitatively evaluate the sustainability and the success of innovation projects. In addition, this publication presents the results of a comprehensive review on innovations in rural regions.

This article contributes to the "Message from Neuseddin“, which emerged from the international conference "Aktionen zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung in ländlichen Räumen - Chancenverbesserung durch Innovationen und durch Traditionspflege" that took place in Neuseddin, Germany. This message aims to increase the value attributed to rural areas, to stimulate their sustainable development as well as to foster cross-linkages between regional value chains in rural areas. The geographical focus of the message is on Germany and Europe.

The results presented in the article have been developed in the context of the European research project RAPIDO, which is coordinated by Ecologic.

The publication can be ordered for the price of 52,99 EUR from Springer VS.


Naumann, Sandra and Andreas Frangenberg 2009: "RAPIDO-Ein Forschungsbeitrag zur innovativen ländlichen Entwicklung in der EU", in: Rainer Friedel and Edmund A. Spindler (eds.): Nachhaltige Entwicklung ländlicher Räume - Chancenverbesserung durch Innovation und Traditionspflege. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 168-182.

Andreas Frangenberg
  • VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, Germany
15 pp.
agriculture, rural areas, rural development, innovation, indicators for sustainable development, Lisbon Strategy, agricultural policy, European environmental policy, sustainable development, Europe