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A Climate Protection Law for Germany

A Climate Protection Law for Germany

17 June 2009

On behalf of the WWF, Ecologic Institute researched how middle and long term climate change goals could best be anchored in German law. At a Parliamentary Evening of the WWF on June 17th, Stephan Sina, Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute, presented the expert report. Its results were discussed afterwards in a debate including the members of Parliament Eva Bulling-Schröter (Die Linke), Michael Kauch (FDP), Ulrich Kelber (SPD), Sylvia Kotting-Uhl (Bündnis 90/Grüne) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf (PIK). The Moderator was Regine Günther (WWF).

In its expert report, Ecologic Institute came to the conclusion that , in the short term, the best of the examined options would be a broad climate protection law similar to the British “Climate Change Act”. Neither fundamental constitutional nor European legal challenges would stand in the way of such a law. As core elements, a climate act should contain middle and long term climate change goals along with interim goals, reporting duties and sanctions as well as an independent advisory board similar to the British “Committee on Climate Change”.

Stephan Sina's presentation [pdf, 84 KB, German] is available for download here.

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17 June 2009
Berlin, Germany
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