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Trends in EU Energy and Climate Change Policy


Trends in EU Energy and Climate Change Policy

23 October 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

The Indiana University European Union Center organized a full-day conference entitled "European Union Regulatory Policy: Lessons for Indiana." Dominic Marcellino gave a presentation on the development of EU energy and climate policy over the past decade, pointing out trends and possible future developments, and highlighting implications for Indiana.

Energy and climate policy have developed rapidly in the EU over the past two decades. Convergence of the two policies is evident over the period, leading to increased centralization of decision-making. The EU's use of market mechanisms to confront climate change is an unanticipated development, and climate and energy policy have emerged as high politics. EU energy and climate policy has implications for American businesses and policy.

The presentation [pdf, 1.2 MB, English] is available for download.

Indiana University, European Union Center (IU EU Center), United States
23 October 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Energy policy, climate policy, regulatory policy