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The Importance and Impact of Wind Energy: Ethical Considerations


The Importance and Impact of Wind Energy: Ethical Considerations

29 July 2010

The 7th Greifswald International Summer Academy "Energy and the Environment" was put on by the University of Greifswald. Dominic Marcellino, Fellow at Ecologic Institute in Washington, spoke to the participants, delivering remarks on some of the ethical implications of expanded renewable energy production, specifically wind.

Twenty-five participants from around the world took part in this year's Summer Academy, the focus of which was Transnational Energy Grids. Over the course of two weeks, the participants heard from a series of experts about the challenges and opportunities of expanding the production of energy from renewable sources.

Mr. Marcellino's remarks added ethical considerations to those of politics and policy, technology and engineering, and business and economics. For example, he asked the group to consider the extent to which expanded wind energy production increases the footprint of human energy systems and how societies can balance the desire for more and cleaner energy with the goals of protecting natural environments and relieving energy poverty. The presentation [pdf, 70 KB, English] was well-received and it can be downloaded here.

29 July 2010
Berlin, Germany
renewable energy, sustainable development, ethics