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Addressing Global Warming Using Market-based Mechanisms

Addressing Global Warming Using Market-based Mechanisms

30 April 2010
Annapolis, Maryland
United States

The Political Science Department of the United States Naval Academy offers a course to 3rd and 4th year Political Science majors on Energy and Security. Dominic Marcellino, Fellow at Ecologic Institute, was invited to provide a guest lecture on the use of market mechanisms in climate change policy.

In addition to discussing the relative merits (political and economic) of emissions trading systems and carbon taxes, Dominic also discussed with the students the prospects of climate change legislation in the United States and the current situation internationally. A copy of the lecture is available for download [pdf, 431 KB, English].

United States Naval Academy, Political Science Department (USNA), United States
30 April 2010
Annapolis, Maryland, United States
Climate change policy, market mechanisms