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U.S. Should Emulate Germany's Renewable Energy Model

U.S. Should Emulate Germany's Renewable Energy Model

Climate change, the finiteness of fossil fuels, national security, and job creation: there are many reasons to invest in renewable energy. In this article in the New York Times, Christoph H. Stefes, Senior Associate at Ecologic Institut, explains that investments in renewable energy are lacking due to the absence of a stable investment environment. The article is available online.

In Germany, renewable energies have now achieved a market share of 20 percent of electricity consumption in the industry and have created over 300.000 new jobs. The introduction of feed-in tariffs has primarily promoted this development. Due to the guaranteed prices for renewable energy, there is a stable investment environment for companies and banks.

In the U.S. a comparable framework is lacking. Christoph H. Stefes criticizes the lack of a federal agency that promotes the development of renewable energy. He recommends the introduction of German-style feed-in tariffs. The article [English] can be viewed on the website of the New York Times.


Stefes, Christoph H. 2011: U.S. Should Emulate Germany's Renewable Energy Model Online Journal: New York Times.

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