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Governance and Private Sector Participation


Governance and Private Sector Participation


Hamada, Ana-Mari; Eduard Interwies and R. Andreas Kraemer 2003: "Governance and Private Sector Participation", in: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (ed.): Social Issues in the Provision and Pricing of Water Services. Paris: OECD, 103-134.

Ecologic experts on private sector participation and regulatory oversight in the water sector contribute to an OECD publication on "Social Issues in the Provision and Pricing of Water Services".

This book explores the interface between environmental and social elements of water pricing policies in OECD countries. It focuses on the affordability of water services, as well as on the social measures aimed at resolving these affordability problems. The book also considers how environmental and social safeguards are addressed under different models of water utility ownership and management. For instance, it examines the potential role of the private sector in incorporating the social dimension into water policy decisions. Drawing on case study experience in Mexico, the book also explores the social problems associated with the transition from one level of water service provision to another.

The chapter "Governance and private sector participation" contributed by Ecologic examines how social and environmental objectives are being met under different models of water services provision, involving different forms of "private sector participation".  It provides case studies of different types of water service providers from France (Amiens), Germany (Hamburg), the United Kingdom (Welsh Water), the United States (Suburban Water Systems) and Mexico (Mexico City). The chapter also considers some key criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of water service providers in meeting economic, social, and environmental objectives.

The Book is available in English and French (French title: "Problèmes sociaux liés à la distribution et à la tarification de l'eau").


R. Andreas Kraemer
Founder and Director Emeritus, Ecologic Institute
Visiting Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor, Duke University
Initiator and Convenor, Arctic Summer College

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