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Allocation of Emission Rights in Germany – a First Assessment

Allocation of Emission Rights in Germany – a First Assessment

14 December 2004

At the third Climate Talk, a first review of the allocation of CO 2 -emission-rights in Germany was conducted. Experts from business, science, and government discussed the practical and legal difficulties of allocation, both for industry and administration. Presentations were given by Dr. Simon Marr (Deutsche Emissionshandelsstelle - DEHSt), Dr. Jürgen Altenburg (RWE Power AG) and Peter Ebsen (Baker& McKenzie LLP).

Simon Marr, who acted for the indisposed Dr. Wolfgang Seidel, outlined the European situation regarding the allocation before he turned to the state of affairs in Germany. Jürgen Altenburg described the allocation-process from an electricity operators perspective. He pointed out practical and legal problems regarding data gathering and application procedures. Last but not least, Peter Ebsen addressed legal problems and identified matters which, he expected, were going to be legally challenged.

The ensuing discussion showed that the introduction of emission trading was and is an ongoing learning process for all players involved. Practice brings up ever new problems, some of which are expected to find a final solution only by court ruling. Furthermore, it became apparent that it is now the time for all players to think about future strategies and act accordingly, already today.

The discussion was eventually moved to a nearby restaurant where the evening drew to a relaxed close.

Dr. Simon Marr (German Emissions Trading Authority)
Dr. Jürgen Altenburg (RWE Power AG)
Peter Ebsen (Baker& McKenzie LLP)
Hannes Schloemann
Dr. Peter Ebsen (Baker & McKenzie)
14 December 2004
Berlin, Germany
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