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Water Framework Directive and Nature Conservation


Water Framework Directive and Nature Conservation

There are several direct links between the WFD and nature conservation directives such as the Habitats and the Birds Directives. It is however mainly the integrated approach of the WFD which constitutes the closest link between these two areas. Ecologic analysed these aspects of the WFD and prepared a background paper on that issue.

The WFD does not only protect water bodies but also aquatic ecosystems and terrestrial ecosystems dependent on water. This implies that traditional water protection and management approaches have to be complemented by methods and approaches from nature conservation. The background paper [pdf, 79 kB, English] prepared by Ecologic was presented at the conference called "River Basin Management and Ecological Water Quality", that took place in June 2001 in Roosta, Estonia. The paper was compiled as a decent preparation for the participants of the conference to which Ecologic also contributed to the conceptualisation.

Stefani Bär
Keya Choudhry
January 2001 to June 2001
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Water, WFD, Water Framework Directive, Nature Conservation, water bodies, habitats directive, birds directive, EU, Commission, European Union, Europe