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German Experience in Managing Stormwater with Green Infrastructure

German Experience in Managing Stormwater with Green Infrastructure

Which lessons for future projects can be learned from earlier stormwater management schemes in Germany? The authors of the report "German Experience in Managing Stormwater with Green Infrastructure" – among them Ecologic Institute's alumnae Darla Nickel, Wenke Schoenfelder and Melissa Keeley – specifically address this question. Based on two case studies, the authors examine policies, strategies and instruments integrating grey and green infrastructure. The article can be downloaded on the publisher's website.

Following the introduction, which explains the political and administrative backgrounds of stormwater management in Germany, the authors look more closely on the Emscher Region in western Germany and the city of Berlin.

While grey infrastructure refers to conventional piped drainage and water treatment systems, the term green infrastructure encompasses land and plant based ecological treatment systems and processes.

The article can be downloaded at the price of 28,00€.


Nickel, Darla et al. 2013: “German Experience in Managing Stormwater with Green Infrastructure”. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol. 57, No. 3, 403-423.

Dale Medearis
David P. Dolowitz
William Shuster
21 pp.
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Management and Policy Context in Germany
3. The Emscher Case
3.1 History and drivers
3.2 Policies and pilot projects
3.3 Strategy and commitment
3.4 Instruments and implementation
4. The Berlin case study
4.1 History and drivers
4.2 Evolution of financial incentives
4.3 Integrated planning and strategies
4.4 Fees and regulations
5. Discussion and conclusion

Green Infrastructure, Grey Infrastructure, Emscher Region,, Berlin, Germany