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Invitation to Workshop at the European Maritime Day 2013

Invitation to Workshop at the European Maritime Day 2013

On Wednesday, 22 May, Ecologic Institute – together with Fresh Thoughts Consulting and Milieu – will hold a workshop on the subject of "Supporting adaptation efforts in coastal and maritime areas through guidance and good practice examples". The event will take place at the Stakeholders' Day of the European Maritime Day, which will be celebrated in Malta this year and aims to facilitate stakeholder cooperation in the development of integrated maritime policies. Registration for the workshop is still open.

During the first part of the interactive workshop, the consultancy Ricardo-AEA will introduce the European Climate Adaptation Platform Climate-ADAPT to show how this web portal can help people working in maritime sectors access a wide range of resources to develop practical adaptation measures and policies. The session will enable us to obtain feedback from participants on how to enhance and further develop the Climate-ADAPT platform to meet the needs of maritime stakeholders; reinforcing its role as the reference for adaptation in Europe.

 In the second part of the workshop, launched by Ecologic Institute and partners, stakeholders will be invited to discuss their approaches regarding climate adaptation, maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal zone management. The discussion will focus on the success factors and difficulties they have encountered in implementation, to identify where additional guidance or examples in the Platform could be useful to support marine and coastal management.

Input from the workshop participants will feed into work underway to support the European Commission in the preparation of a guidance document to give practical advice to both stakeholders at the national level as well as local and regional officials.

The complete workshop invitation is available online. Please register to attend the European Maritime Stakeholder Day.