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Water Management, Water Framework Directive and Hydropower

Water Management, Water Framework Directive and Hydropower

This Issue Paper contains final conclusions and recommendations from the workshop "Water Management, Water Framework and Hydropower" which took place in September 2011. Additionally, it provides background information as well as the summary of a questionnaire on hydropower and the WFD filled-in by 24 European States.

The workshop created a platform for discussion and a dynamic exchange of information between the 110 participants, which included representatives from the European States, the European Commission, relevant European-level organisations and stakeholder groups.

The paper  [pdf, 1.7 MB, English] is available for download.


Kampa, Eleftheria; Johanna von der Weppen and Thomas Dworak 2011: Water Management, Water Framework Directive and Hydropower - Common Implementation Strategy Workshop. Ecologic Institute, Berlin.

82 pp.
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Aims of the Workshop
1.3 Aims of the Issue Paper

2. Balancing WFD and RES requirements

3. Key Figures on Hydropower
3.1 Electricity Production from Hydropower
3.2 Number and Capacity of Different Hydropower Plant Sizes

4. Hydropower and Heavily Modified Water Bodies

5. Legal and Technical Requirements for Environmental Improvement
5.1 Permits for Hydropower Plants
5.2 Legal Requirements for Environmental Improvement
5.3 Technical Requirements for Environmental Improvement
5.4 Other Domains for Environmental Improvement
5.5 Cumulative Effects

6. Incentives

7. Strategic Planning Tools

8. Implementing WFD Article 4.7

9. Discussion Topics for the Workshop

10. Conclusions and Recommendations of the Workshop
10.1 Overview
10.2 Existing Hydropower Schemes
10.3 Strategic Planning
10.4 Deciding Whether Deterioration is Acceptable


Annex I: Key Figures on Hydropower
Annex II: Methods for Defining Minimum Ecological Flow
Annex III: Requirements for Upstream Continuity Facilities
Annex IV: Conclusions of 2009 Workshop on WFD and HMWB

electricity production, hydropower plant, heavily modified water bodies, deterioration, Europe