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Umweltschutz und Tourismus


Umweltschutz und Tourismus

Deutsche Tourismusaußenpolitik zwischen GATS und CSD


Kahlenborn, Walter; Kerstin Imbusch and Anna Turmann 2000: Umweltschutz und Tourismus. Deutsche Tourismusaußenpolitik zwischen GATS und CSD. [Beiträge zur Internationalen und Europäischen Umweltpolitik]. Berlin: Libri.

The strain placed on the environment by the tourism industry has grown drastically from year to year. At the same time, however, efforts have also been increasing at national and international levels to reduce this negative impact. In view of the significance of cross-border tourism, such efforts can only be successful within the framework of international co-operation.

This book outlines international tourism policy from an environmental perspective and describes in particular the role of Germany: who are the most important actors in international tourism policy and what are their interests? What are the chances for developing an environmentally-friendly international tourism policy? What contribution can Germany make to the formulation of such a policy? The updated results of a technological impact assessment for a study Ecologic completed for the Tourism Commission of the German Bundestag are also given.

The book is available e.g. from Libri at the price of 20,35 Euro.

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Walter Kahlenborn
Kerstin Imbusch
Anna Turmann
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321 pp.
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Tourism, Environment, Foreign Policy, Globalisation, sustainable Development, Environment